Which way to Rosé?

Savour Wine Background

‘Tis the season of Rosé and how exciting ’tis.

Rosé is a very general term for pink wine but within it contains a vast spectrum of different wines. Pinot Noir for a well known example- can produce red, white, rose, and even sparkling wine (both red and white).We all know the red version of this grape and have probably had the Rosé, as it is one of the most used varietals for Rosés, for it’s bright berry notes and matching acidity. Pinot Noir joins Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier to make Champagne with Pinot Noir making it into the Blanc de Noirs style but can also be used solely to create sparkling wines outside the appellation. What if I told you Pinot can make a white wine too?

Now, that is just one grape producing so many wines; but what about just still Rosé? Well, let’s start at the beginning.

Rosé is a hugely generalized term for pink wine. Rosé can be done in two ways- either through blending small amounts of red wine with white wine (less common) or through controlling the time spent in the remontage stage (pump-over, push down, etc). This is the stage where the pressed grape juice (that is white no matter the grape*) is mixed back in with the stems and skins to let rest and soak color. This can be anywhere from 4-20 hours to obtain the shade the winemaker wants but not long enough to abstract the tannins, flavors, and colors of a red wine.

Great, so you know how Rosé is made, now what? Let’s talk about what to expect and how to buy.

Rosé is made from red wine. If you have a favorite varietal, start there. Rose of Syrah or Sangiovese or Pinot Noir or Tempranillo are easily found and even more varietals are being tried every year. Keep in mind the heavier the color, the heavier the wine will probably be. And since Rosé is newer to the wine world, even different countries put the grape on the label instead of you having to know the appellation and it’s varietals (Sancerre, talking to you).

Savour’s favorite and most expensive bottle worth paying for but runs out quickly after release each year- Domaine Tempier Bandol

Savour’s favorite every day drinker on a budget and even has a spritz of bubbles- Casal Garcia

Savour’s blow your mind and everything you thought you knew about pink wine-

Domaine Rolet Pere Et Fils Poulsard

Get out there and drink some pink wine and be proud. And soon you can come by Savour and tell us all about what you’ve tasted, we would love to hear all about it and show you some of our favorites 😉